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Onshore/Offshore Pipeline Engineering

Our pipeline engineering service covers every design aspect of the onshore/offshore pipeline against the client's specifications and applicable international standards (e.g. DNVGL-ST-F101). We cover all design aspects in the FEED and detailed design phases; flow assurance and structural integrity during installations and operations. The company also provides support on procurement, preparation of fabrication specification and R&D support in developing advance pipeline system and accessories.

Software for Oil & Gas industry

Design Engineering

iDG10 Engineering Solutions oil and gas industry service include concept development, design, construction, installation/commissioning and operation of pipeline systems. We have a broad experience in onshore/offshore pipeline design - from selection of pipe size, a parameter safety envelope (e.g. pressure, temperature, content composition) and integrity against all relevant failure modes (i.e. fracture, walking, buckling).

We provide solutions to optimize product and process by using advanced FEA tools (Ansys, Abaqus), with due regard to public safety and the protection of the environment.

Fabrication and Procurement

iDG10 Engineering Solutions provides co-ordination of the manufacturing process according to design requirements, standards and client’s specifications. Our engineers have broad experience in preparation of the manufacturing specifications and procedures like fabrication drawings, material specification, manufacturing specification, coating specification and welding procedure specification.

Our procurement services offer a full range of procurement and supply chain advisory supports. We select the most suitable supplier for the project and stay in close contact with the suppliers to ensure that the deliverable meets the product specification.

iDG10 Engineering Solutions software SPDT (Subsea Pipeline Design Tool) is a user-friendly and cost-efficient pipeline data management and design suite. The software is unique in its ability to handle frequent and significant changes in the design data quickly and efficiently. The same model can be used from the FEED through final design for analysis, re-analysis and modification.

This digitized platform is primarily designed to integrate data and the design tool, making it easy to use for pipeline engineering companies to perform various design analysis in parallel with an aim to optimize and simplify the engineering scope.  The SPDT is equipped to generate a report after completion of the relevant analysis, which reduces unnecessary time in checking design data and results. It creates consistency in reporting and efficiency of the design team. 

Know more about SPDT here.

Research and Development Support

iDG10 Engineering Solutions has broad experience in R&D in developing advanced pipeline systems like plastic lined pipe and accessories. Our experts also provide support for the qualification of new technology and peer reviews by 3rd party verification process, to provide greater confidence in the safety of the design.

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