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iDG10 News

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1st September  2023


Announcing the launch of the Future Tech Leader program!


These students have been selected for their ability to ably lead a technical team to deliver a project, while balancing the customer expectations of functionality, quality and communication. The program gives them an opportunity to work on real-world problems in the Subsea industry and leverage AI to solve those problems.


10th July  2023


Two teams battelled it out in Stage II to solve the problem we gave them. Learning from their previous experiences, we saw them improve their skills in all areas - be it structuring their code better or communicating better.

We are excited to announce the winners of Stage II! The 1st position is jointly shared by Team Bro-Code and Team Code-Inc.


12th April 2023


The iDG10 GUI challenge attracted registrations from student engineers around the country. In a span of 3 weeks, these teams created an interactive GUI based on the problem statement given to them.

The two teams who finally made it to the next stage stood out with their commitment to create exactly what was required. Congratulations to the teams!


15th February 2023


Test your development skills through the iDG10 GUI development challenge! In this two stage challenge, you'll create an interactive GUI for users to design a subsea field layout. 

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