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Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering service covers the design of offshore structure including jackets, stinger for S-Lay installation, ship structure, offshore container against the client's specifications and applicable codes.

Design Engineering

iDG10 Engineering Solutions structural engineers have extensive experience in the design of offshore structure including jackets, stinger for S-lay installation, ship structure and offshore containers.
The design team carries out design and analysis of the complex structure using advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools like SACS, STADD and Ansys. By analysing, then simulating the working conditions and characteristics of structural modes, we optimize the structural design to ensure integrity within the boundaries of the client’s specification and applicable international standards like DNVGL-ST-E271.

Fabrication and Procurement

iDG10 Engineering Solutions provides co-ordination of the manufacturing process according to design requirements, standards and client’s specifications. Our engineers have broad experience in preparation of the manufacturing specifications and procedures like fabrication drawings, material specification, manufacturing specification, coating specification and welding procedure specification.
Our procurement services offer a full range of procurement and supply chain advisory supports. We select the most suitable supplier for the project and stay in close contact with the suppliers to ensure that the deliverable meets the product specification.

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